Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Blizzard/Groundhog Day!

This is a post about random boring things going on here, dedicated to Caitlyn. Enjoy.

I had Art History for the first time this 8:30am. I live around the corner and it was still rough getting here. There's two sessions and the other one is later in the day, so there were only 6 people in our class. It was basically the people that live close-by to the school. I would feel like a jerk if I bumped someone else down to the early class that lives far away. It was actually nice having a small class because none of us seem to know what we're doing so there's no pressure if we say something stupid. The prof is also really nice, and she prints out the notes ahead of time for us so we don't have to frantically write as she talks. She also walked in wearing a beret which was so stereotypical of the French art prof, so naturally we loved it. Today we learned about something something David, who was from the Neoclassical movement and had a tumor on his left cheek. That pretty much covers it. Since our prof was sick last week, we have 4 extra short classes to make up, which kind of sucks, but it's better than some of my other classes.

We're going to the RU (Restaurant universitaire) for lunch today, which is 3 euros for university students. You get a whole meal with sides and a dessert, so that's pretty nice. It's just a bit of a walk. There are 2 on the actual campus but I'm never on campus around lunchtime. The one we go to is by the hospital for the medical students, I assume.

After lunch I'm planning on sitting around the center, writing a cover letter, doing a little homework, and probably playing some Sims until my next class. Today I only have class 8:30-9:45 and then 16:45-17:45 but the grandkid is at my house all day so I'd rather stay here. I have to go to some conference on Poland tonight for my grammar class...sounds thrilling? It's at least 2 hours so it could be pretty rough.

Enjoy the blizzard! It's finally starting to warm up a tiny bit...high of 53 this weekend!

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  1. Screw you for telling me that it was 53 degrees there this weekend.