Monday, February 7, 2011

Guacamole and 60s decor

Just a short update about some fun things I've been doing, and what's coming up!

1. L'Art-scène: This is one of the little bars we like. It has live music on Thursdays, so last week a big group of us went to hear some Brazillian music!

 2. I found a place that sold donuts which was a big victory. Obviously, I get fun French pastries for the most part, but someone had been talking about donuts and by some miracle I found this one about 30 minutes later! There's a great patisserie/boulangerie (bakery) that's only a 2 minute walk from my school and apartment, so we go there for baguettes, sandwiches, and of course, random pastries. I'm trying to sample them all. I'm a big fan of the tartine chocolat and the mini raspberry tarts. Every Sunday, my host mom said she'll get me a new little traditional cake or pastry to try, so that's awesome for me! Anyways, about the donut, not the most flattering picture but it's still great. Behind me is Place Royale with the fountain all lit up at night! Also featured is my awesome new purple coat!

 3. We made guacamole! On Fridays since we only have one class, we go grocery shopping, have a big lunch, and then lounge around watching a movie or something. I've been craving Mexican food (and have yet to make it to the burrito place around here), and guacamole is about the only thing I can make without a recipe, so I split the ingredients with 2 friends and we made a giant bowl! Avocados, red pepper (no spicy peppers here, sadly), onion, tomato, lemon, salt, pepper, and some tortilla chips that we found in the foreign food section of the grocery store. It was sooo good and we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas while we ate it.

 4. Saturday night a group of us went to Burger House, which is owned by this really nice guy from Olympia, Washington, who moved here 4 years ago. It was so so nice to have a real burger! They were a good price too, so I will definitely be going back. Right around the corner from Burger House is La Maison, which is this bizarre/awesome bar that's decorated like a house from the 60s. Here's a picture of my friend in the kitchen, and then the black and white room is the bedroom, so we had our friends take an awkward picture lounging on one of the 'beds'. We had a great time, and later in the night we managed to get a picture in the bathtub in the bathroom! The next day, we went to La Folle Journee, which is this giant classical music festival in Nantes. We got free tickets from our school to one concert, so I went to a Brahms one with my friends. After that we grabbed lunch, and then went to the art museum because on the first Sunday of the months, museums are free here! It was small but a pretty building, and we saw one of the paintings from our art history class. Overall it was a good weekend, even though I was feeling sick again. This weekend we have a fieldtrip one day, so next update will have those pics hopefully!


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  2. This is a test. I love your new coat. I want some guacamole. Blahblahblah.

  3. That bar is so cool! I would be going there everyday.