Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Winter Vacation Part 2

Here's the rest of my winter break stuff! Sorry the pictures were so messed up in the last one...this blog isn't very cooperative. They looked far better when I arranged them before the post messed them up.

Day Four: Today was a take it easy and walk around Dublin day. As usual, we had sun! It was nice out and there were actually flowers in bloom. Going back to cold Nantes was rough later. We walked around St. Stephen's Green, which was an excellent park. There was a big pond in the middle with an island, green things everywhere, random fountains, and tons of flowers. There was a part of the pond with swans, and some idiot boys kept throwing stuff at them. We were hoping they would get attacked, but sadly no blood was shed. After our nice jaunt around the park, we did some more window shopping. I think Sara and I stopped at every single jewelry store window we saw during the week! We found a Thai place with a delicious lunch deal, and then we were off to the Guinness Factory! I've been there before, and my favorite part of the exhibits last time was the part that showed all of the components for the beer, like hops and water, because it had an awesome waterfall. The waterfall was closed for repairs this time, naturally. We were getting tired, but the free pint of Guinness in the panoramic bar at the top of the factory certainly helped! For dinner we went to our favorite grocery store by Temple Bar, and got a great deal on pasta, garlic bread, and a trifle for dessert, so we just heated everything up at the hostel! It was deliciousss and cheap. I'll throw in a picture of Temple Bar at night with these pictures, because we walked down this street multiple times a day.


Day Five: This was our last day in Dublin. For lunch we had an Irish Breakfast with tea, one of my favs! Then we killed time before we had to leave at the free national museums. We went to the National Gallery, which we ended up breezing through. The Natural History Museum was sweet though, because how can you not love a museum filled with taxidermy? They had a pretty awesome collection, and Irish Elk skeletions, which were giant and super impressive. Afterwards, we went through another park across the street that had a statue of Oscar Wilde lounging on a rock. All of this was right across from where I stayed with my family last time I was in Ireland, but the Natural History Museum had been closed then, so I'm glad I finally got to go! After that, we went to the airport and eventually made it to Edinburgh. It was late and we were tired, but luckily we managed to find our hostel pretty quickly.

Day Six and Seven: Edinburgh is coldddd. Very cold. And cloudy. Originally I had expected this, but I was totally spoiled from our beautiful weather in Dublin. We were right in the middle of the Old Town part of the city, so we could walk everywhere. We did a lot of walking around and window shopping. We walked up to the castle, but didn't go in (too expensive for our tastes). We had to take a picture in one of the digustingly dirty phonebooths, of course. The city was amazing because it was so old, but had a creepy vibe because of that too. We went on a tour of Mary King's Close, which is one of the streets that is now underground. Again, it was cool but kind of creepy. At the end of the first full day, we went on a pub crawl with the hostel, although we didn't have enough energy to make it through all 6 bars and 1 club. We spent the evening hanging out with a super interesting Australian couple. They quit their jobs 9 months ago and have just been travelling around the world, and aren't stopping anytime soon! It was a good night, especially because we got fried mars bars from somewhere as a snack, but we were really tired after being so busy in Dublin. On the way home from the pub crawl though, we did pass the cafe where JK Rowling wrote part of Harry Potter!! The next day we went to one of the free museums which ended up being giant! We ran into another IES student there too, which was funny! I had possibly the best thing ever for dinner. It sounds weird, but just trust me: a waffle filled with chunks of sugar, topped with a HUGE pile of realll bacon (they just don't know how to do bacon in France, it's just random bits of ham), and covered in real maple syrup. It was heavenly. That night we foolishly went on a ghost tour. The first part was fun, walking around to different sights and hearing stories. But then we went into the vaults, and it was creepy as hell, and neither Sara or I like scary things. We bailed about 10 minutes early, but luckily an adult male left before us so we lasted long enough. Once we were completely scarred from one of the stories we heard in the dark vaults, we went back to our hostel and got maybe 3 hours of sleep between being awake with terror and the incredibly loud, cough/hacking/snoring French girl that was in the room. Lovely. It was a long trip home the next day. Sara is going to kill me if she ever checks this, but I'll make sure I put up the picture of her in the children's knight costume at the museum. This is my friend, everyone!

Remember, if you want to see more of my pics/not just tiny tiny thumbnails of them, you can go here: Album 1 and Album 2


  1. I am glad you found a friend to replace me while abroad who will put on stupid costumes for you to take pictures of.

  2. Did I tell you to stay at the High Street Hostel?